Season 1

Showcase your Portfolio Management skills and boost your career prospects

Aspire '21 Aspire '21

Due to enrolment issues, each team is being evaluated on the basis of the best of two portfolios in Round 1. This rule will benefit everyone as the team's better performing portfolio alone will be ranked.

StockGro ASPIRE Season 1, India’s First Stock Market Simulation Competition, is an initiative for aspiring Fund Managers, Financial Analysts and Wealth Managers from premier B-Schools, BBA and B.Com colleges to showcase their expertise in the domain of Portfolio Management.

Participants are expected to build the Best Equity Portfolios during the course of the event and present their investment rationale to an esteemed jury. Candidates stand a chance to win attractive cash prizes and PPIs* from coveted financial firms.


  • championship1 Boost your resume with industry preferred learning experience
  • championship2 Showcase portfolio management skills to potential recruiters
  • championship3 Win the chance to receive cash prizes worth ₹ 5,00,000
  • championship4 Grab PPI* opportunities from reputed firms in the industry


  • Registration
    • Teams from 'Eligible Top-40 Institutes' can register for Campus Round
    • Teams from other Institutes can register for Wild Card Round
    • Registrations close on 15th September, 11:59 PM
    31 Aug '21 - 15 Sep '21
    Aspire '21
    Aspire '21
  • Aspire '21
    Aspire '21
    • Teams from 'Eligible Top-40 Institutes' to compete internally in the Campus Round
    • Teams from Wild Card Category to compete with different institutes at Inter-college level
    • Top 3 teams from each Campus and from Wild Card category will progress to Semi-Finale.
    20 Sep '21 - 24 Sep '21
    Aspire '21
    Aspire '21
  • Aspire '21
    Aspire '21
    Semi Finale
    • All the Winning teams from Qualifiers will now compete against each other
    • Unlike Qualifiers, only the team leader is expected to build a portfolio with the help of the other member
    • Top 10 teams that build the best Equity Portfolios will progress to the Grand Finale
    27 Sep '21 - 01 Oct '21
    Aspire '21
    Aspire '21
  • Grand Finale
    • The National Finalists will present their Investment rationale to an eminent Jury representing various VC / IB firms
    • Performance will be evaluated based on a 7 min. presentation & 13 min. Q&A session
    • StockGro will collate the scores and declare the final results
    Aspire '21
    Aspire '21



  • Full-time MBA/BBA/B.Com students are invited to apply under two categories i.e. 'Eligible Top-40 Institutes' or 'Wildcard' Category.
  • 'Eligible Top-40 Institutes' is an invite-only category where the registered teams will first compete within their campus to emerge as Campus Winners.
  • All registered teams from institutes beyond the 'Eligible Top-40 Institutes' will start with the Wild Card Entry League to compete at an Intercollege level.

Team Rules

  • Students must register in teams of 2 and must belong to the same college.
  • The participating students can be from any specialization.
  • A student cannot be a member of more than one team.
  • Any deviation from the aforementioned rules will result in immediate disqualification of the entire team.

Competition Structure

  • 1st and 2nd Rounds will be conducted on the StockGro Mobile app.
  • In Round 1, both the team members are expected to build a portfolio individually using their StockGro accounts, but the ranks will be calculated based on cumulative team performance
  • In Round 2, only the team leader is expected to build a portfolio with the help of the 2nd team member. Here the ranks will be calculated based on the leader's portfolio alone.
  • Both Rounds 1 and 2 will be conducted on the scheduled dates during regular market hours i.e. 9:30 AM to 3:25 PM IST



Grand Finale



1st Runner Up:


2nd Runner Up:


Chance to win PPIs



Exciting Goodies


Campus Winner Certificates



Per Campus / Wild Card League



1st Runner Up:


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where is Aspire '21 being held?
  • The competition is being conducted virtually. 1st and 2nd rounds will be conducted on StockGro mobile app.
  • What are the benefits of participating?
  • This is a great opportunity to experience Real-Time trading and add a new badge of honour to your CV/Resume. Further, winners will receive cash prizes from a pool of Rs. 5 Lakhs. Other rewards include the opportunity to get PPI / PPO offers.
  • Who is a Wildcard Participant?
  • A wildcard participant is one who does not belong to the selected Top-40 Institutes that will have an Institute Specific Round 1. In Round 1, Wildcard participants will compete at an Intercollege level and only Top 15 teams will move to Round 2.
  • Can I change from Wildcard category to Top-40 Eligible colleges category?
  • No, the 'Eligible Top-40 Institutes' category is an invite-only category.
  • Do I have to pay a fee to enrol for this challenge?
  • No, there is no enrollment fee.
  • Can I still participate if my Institute is not on the Eligible Institutes list?
  • Yes, you can participate from the Wildcard Category.
  • Is this an individual or team event?
  • This is a team event requiring 2 participants per team. In Round 1, each team member has to register individually and build portfolios, but shortlisting will be on the basis of cumulative team performance. In Round 2, only the team leader must register and build the portfolio with the help of the 2nd member. In Round 3, Finalists will present their investment analysis as a team.
  • Can I register using multiple phone numbers?
  • No, every candidate MUST register using only one phone number. Duplicate registrations amount to foul-play and will result in disqualification. If multiple students from an Institute are found to be resorting to such malpractice, the Institute will also be banned from the competition.
  • What are the dates for Aspire '21?
  • The schedule of the Aspire '21 is as follows -
    Registration Deadline: 15 Sep '21 11:59 PM IST
    Round 1: 20 Sept '21 - 24 Sep '21 (9:30AM to 3:25 PM IST)
    Round 2: 27 Sept '21 - 01 Oct '21 (9:30AM to 3:25 PM IST)
    Round 3: TBA
  • Do I receive a Certificate of Participation?
  • Every participant will receive a digital Certificate of Participation. Winner of Qualifier Round will receive Campus Winner Certificates. All Finalists will receive Certificate of Appreciation and Winners will get Certificate of Recognition.
  • Will I get a PPO or PPI?
  • All the Finalists stand a chance to receive a PPI offer. Depending on the discretion of the Corporate Partners, the PPI may be converted to a PPO subject to the candidate's performance.

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Terms and Conditions

  • Every participant is expected to register on the StockGro mobile app using a single phone number.
  • Multiple registrations by the same participant will lead to disqualification.
  • Any Institute found resorting to or promoting malpractices will be banned from the competition.
  • All participants are expected to maintain decorum during in-app social conversations. Failure to do so will invite disciplinary action including elimination.
  • In case of any technical glitches during the competition, StockGro reserves the sole right to recalibrate the leaderboard.
  • If the smooth conduct of the competition becomes impossible due to unavoidable reasons, StockGro has the right to forfeit/restart/reschedule the competition.
  • In the event of any dispute on selection or shortlisting criteria, StockGro’s decisions will be final and binding
  • All rules pertaining to the usage of StockGro app are also applicable. Read them here.