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Click Login on the homepage. You can login using your StockGro account credentials. If you don’t have an account with StockGro then you can create one with Sign up option.

The course is split into 6 modules:
Module 1: Introduction to Stock Market
Module 2: Introduction to Market Terminologies
Module 3: Introduction to Fundamental Analysis
Module 4: Introduction to Technical Analysis
Module 5: Introduction to Options
Module 6: Practical learning through the StockGro Leagues.

The course and modules are designed in a way to suit beginners. There are 2 beginner level modules, 1 intermediate level module and 2 expert level modules. As the user upskills with each module, the next one becomes easier to comprehend. Therefore, following the structure is recommended.

Lastly, the user will be made to practically test their learning through the StockGro prep zones, making it a holistic learning experience.

StockGro Academy believes in self-paced learning. Each user can go through the videos multiple times and attempt the quiz repeatedly until they perfect the subject.
The extensive hours of practical learning and the modules are available to each user for a lifetime.

There are 2 steps to complete the Stock Market Certification course on StockGro Academy.

  1. Learning Modules: Trainees need to complete all Quizzes across the 5 modules with a minimum of 80% score.
  2. Experiential Learning: They then need to practise in StockGro prep zones for more than 150 hours and self-declare.


Upon completing these 2 steps, learners receive the Stock Market Foundation Course Certificate from StockGro Academy.