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Saksham Yuva Yojana: All about the Haryana Government’s flagship project

Today’s youth play a significant role in any country’s progress. Their ideas and innovations are paramount for the country to grow and prosper. However, unemployment and poverty are two major stumbling blocks due to which human resources and skills get wasted. 

Considering that youth are vital assets of any country, bridging the gap and providing suitable employment and skill development opportunities are essential. Saksham Yuva Yojana is one such initiative; here is everything you need to know about it.

What is Saksham Yuva Yojana?

Established by the Haryana Government in 2016, the scheme aims to engage the state’s youth in productive and profitable projects. The scheme was launched as “Educated Youth Allowance and Honorarium Scheme, 2016” on 01 November 2016 to provide unemployment allowance and honorarium to postgraduates. It then expanded to cover graduates from various fields and 10+2 pass applicants.


  • To act as a bridge between unemployed youth and employers.
  • To provide opportunities for skill development.
  • To support the unemployed by providing allowance and honorarium.
  • To create state government job opportunities for unemployed youth.

How does the scheme work?

Saksham Yuva Yojana by the Haryana Government has various aspects to it. Eligible and unemployed youth registered on the platform get financial aid every month, provided they meet the required criteria. 

Additionally, the scheme also provides a diverse range of skills and training on their platform. Applicants can choose the skill they wish to learn, which will help them get suitable job or business opportunities.

Besides providing financial and training assistance, the scheme ties up with various institutions like banks, colleges, universities, corporations and others. These institutions constantly update the scheme’s portal with job openings, helping registrants view and apply for suitable opportunities. The scheme also places registrants in state government jobs and assures 100 hours of work per month for honorary payments.


To be eligible for the benefits of Saksham Yojana, applicants must satisfy the following requirements:

  • Be a resident of Haryana.
  • Fall in the age group of 18 and 35 (For classes 10 and 12) and 21 and 35 (For graduates and postgraduates).
  • Must be a registrant of Haryana’s employment exchange.
  • Must have completed Class 10, 12 and post-graduation from recognised universities.
  • Should not be a beneficiary of other employment schemes of the government.
  • The family’s annual earnings must be below ₹3 lakhs.

How to apply?

  • Visit the Saksham Yuva Yojana Haryana’s registration portal: https://www.hreyahs.gov.in/index.
  • Click the ‘Sign Up’ option.
  • The registration page opens. Select the type of registration depending on your educational background. Click on ‘Go to Registration’.
  • It directs you to Saksham Yuva Yojana’s application form. Fill out the form online.
  • Upload the relevant documents, including address, identification and age proofs, along with education certificates.
  • Follow the process on the portal and submit the form after entering the essential information.
  • Wait for your application to go through verification. Keep a tab on your SMS and the portal to check the status of Saksham Yuva Yojana’s application.


As of 27 January 2024, the scheme had 2.62 lakh beneficiaries, of which 1.68 lakh are Class 10+2 pass-outs, 0.7 lakh are graduates, and 0.22 lakh are post-graduates. 

The scheme has assigned over 1.7 lakh honorary assignments so far, of which 1,493 assignments are currently active. It has placed over 10,000 applicants across different government and private sector jobs to date.

The unemployment and honorary allowances are as follows:

  • Applicants who have passed 10+2 are eligible for an unemployment allowance of ₹900 per month and an honorary allowance of ₹6,000 per month.
  • Graduate applicants are given an unemployment allowance of ₹1,500 per month and an honorary allowance of ₹6,000 per month.
  • Postgraduate applicants are eligible for an unemployment allowance of ₹3,000 per month.


Saksham Yuva Yojana is the Haryana Government’s initiative to help unemployed youth to find suitable job opportunities. Until then, the government assists them financially by providing allowances and honorariums. Today’s youth are tomorrow’s future, hence, giving them the right platform to learn and grow is essential for the success and growth of the country.


When did Saksham Yojana start?

The scheme started on 01 November 2016, on the occasion of Haryana SwarnJayanti. The scheme initially aimed to support unemployed postgraduate youth, but then expanded to cover unemployed youth with lower qualifications.

What are the benefits of Saksham Yojana?

Unemployment is a major issue that hampers the growth of economies. The primary benefit of this scheme is that it resolves the issue of unemployment to a certain extent. Additionally, it helps youth develop skills beyond textbooks to be job-ready.

What documents are required for Saksham Yojana?

Some basic documents are Aadhaar card, address proof such as voter ID or ration card, educational certificates, employment exchange certificate, bank account details, passport-size photographs, age proof, etc.

What are the conditions for Haryana’s Saksham Yojana?

Apart from the eligibility criteria, applicants must NOT fall under the below categories:
Passed 10+2 in correspondence
Currently a student in a full-time course
Employee dismissed from a Government Service
Currently in service – Public/Private or Government

What is the upper age limit for Saksham Yojana?

To be a beneficiary of the Saksham Yojana, applicants must not be above 35 years of age. The honorarium will also be paid until they are 35 or for 3 years from the starting date, whichever is earlier.

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