Become an Ambassador
& Drive engagement in the stock market
Become an Ambassador
& Drive engagement in the stock market
StockGro Ambassadors are intrapreneurs at the centre of India’s trading revolution.
Their rewards for innovating in the stock market and driving community engagement include:
Badge of honour from StockGro
Experience & appreciation certificate
Referral fees for community expansion
Social Recognition as a driver of change
Role of StockGro Ambassador
Build a social community
Propagate the advantages of StockGro in your social community
Create discussion platforms
Drive & contribute to informative group discussions on investment topics
Become an investment catalyst
Encourage peers in the StockGro ecosystem to inculcate best money habits
Spread financial education
Advance the community's financial literacy through accurate information sharing
Launch Competitions
Organise competitions and hone the community’s portfolio management skills
Become an Influencer
Help the community make right investment decisions & gain social recognition