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What is StockGro?

StockGro is India's first and largest 'Social Investment' platform aimed at helping everyone master the art of 'Trading & Investment'. On StockGro, Traders and Investors learn how to pick the right stocks using virtual money by participating in experiential learning programs.

Also, experts and friends come together on StockGro to help you learn more about the Stock Market. This is an initiative to make the financial education more fun and interactive so as to help everyone learn about money and grow!

Can I be on StockGro without a trading account?

Yes, trading account is not needed to get started. At registration, each user is awarded virtual currency of INR 10,00,000 in three different portfolios named Default, Alpha and Beta. While Default Portfolio is for long-term investing, Alpha and Beta are used only to participate in StockGro Leagues. Users can start adding stocks to these portfolios with the virtual cash.

Do I trade stocks with real money?

No, you trade with virtual money. This money can be used to build a portfolio consisting of virtual stocks.

How do I register on StockGro?
  • Enter your mobile number
  • Type and submit the OTP received on SMS
  • Enter your name
  • Create a 4-digit PIN and your account is ready to use
Where can I find Invitation code?

You don't need an invitation code to sign up on the app. This is an optional feature applicable when a user is being invited by another registered user / or StockGro Ambassador. So if you don't have an invitation code, you can proceed without entering it.

How can I reset my PIN?

On the Login Screen, Click on 'Forgot PIN'. You will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number. Enter this OTP and submit. On the next screen, you can then reset your PIN.

What is a Portfolio?
  • A portfolio is a collection of stocks. On StockGro, one Default portfolio and two empty league portfolios (Alpha and Beta) are provided at the time of registration.
  • You can buy or sell stocks to add new positions to the portfolios.
  • Once added, every position will either be in a state of profit or loss.
  • To check this, you can open the relevant portfolio.
  • To remove a position from the portfolio, you must execute a transaction in the opposite direction i.e. to close a buy trade, you must sell the stock and vice versa.
What are Alpha and Beta Portfolios?

Alpha and Beta Portfolios are Lifetime Free League Portfolios. This means that these portfolios can be used to participate in the daily, weekly and special leagues that run on the app.

Every time you enrol in a league, you are required to link one of the two portfolios. Each of them contains INR 10,00,000 virtual currency which can be used to buy or sell stocks.

Do note, Alpha and Beta Portfolios are reset every time the league ends.

What is a Default portfolio?

Default portfolio is similar to the Alpha and Beta Portfolios but it cannot be linked to any league.

The purpose of this portfolio is to help users build long term portfolios that do not reset every time a league ends. Buy and Sell trades can be executed using the Default Portfolio but they remain open until you square off i.e. sell the stocks you bought and vice versa.

This can be used to test Long Term Investing Strategies.

What is the difference between Alpha and Beta Portfolios?

There is no difference between Alpha and Beta Portfolios. They exist only to help you participate in two different leagues at the same time. You can only link one portfolio to one league at any given time. So, with these two portfolios you can only participate in two different leagues simultaneously.

Can I join multiple leagues with the same portfolio?

No, you can only join 1 league with 1 portfolio.

Can I join a league with multiple portfolios?

No, you can only join a league with a single portfolio.

Is there a limit on the number of portfolios I can use?

Yes, as of now, you can use 3 portfolios. StockGro provides 1 Default Portfolio and 2 league portfolios at the time of registration.

What is Portfolio Value? How is it different from Cash Balance?
  • Portfolio Value reflects the value of your portfolio after accounting for realised & unrealised profit or loss, transaction charges and cash balance.
  • Cash balance reflects unused cash available for future investments.
  • In the example below, an investment of ₹2,72,937 in stocks resulted in Net Profit of ₹65,267 and the remaining cash balance was ₹7,26,994. Let's see how the portfolio value is calculated
Cash Balance ₹7,26,994.00
(+) Invested Amount ₹2,72,937.50
(+) Realised Profit ₹41.55
(+) Unrealised Profit ₹65,335.50
(-) Transaction Charges ₹110.05

(=) Portfolio Value ₹10,65,267
Where can I monitor my portfolio?

Click on the 'Portfolio' tab to view all your portfolios here.

The Default Portfolio shows the returns till date. Alpha and Beta Portfolios will only show returns if they are linked to any ongoing league.

Can I cancel an order (to buy and sell shares) after placing it?

Yes, you can cancel the order if it hasn't been executed yet. To check the status of your orders, visit the Portfolio section and tap on the linked portfolio. Then tap on 'Orders' to see all your orders and cancel any of the pending orders.

How do I know if my order is executed/ successful?

Open the respective portfolio and click on 'Orders' section to check if the order was executed or is in pending state.

I placed an order, but I can't see the stocks in my portfolio yet. Why?

Please check if the order to buy or sell the stocks was executed and successful. If yes, the stocks will appear in the 'Holdings' section of your respective portfolio. If not, it will continue to be present in the 'Orders' tab in the pending state. If you are still not able to find it, kindly check the 'History' tab.

Do I have to create a new portfolio every time I participate in a league?

Yes, League portfolios (Alpha and Beta) are automatically reset after a league ends. So, users have to build new portfolios by initiating new buy or sell trades each time they join a new league.

Can I view other StockGro user's portfolios?

The Default portfolio section can be viewed by opening a friend's profile and tapping on 'Long Term Portfolio'. Similarly, if the friend has participated in any leagues, the portfolios linked to the league will be visible in the 'Recent Performance' section under the 'Statistics' tab of that friend's profile.

What is 'Invested Amount'?

Invested amount is the total amount of money spent from that portfolio to buy or sell stocks.

How do I Buy or Sell stocks from the 'stocks' Section?
  • To Buy or Sell stocks from the 'stocks' section, first select the stocks you want to buy/sell
  • Next, click on 'Buy' or 'Short Sell' if you want to short a stocks
  • Then select either the 'Market' or 'Limit' Order
    1. In 'Market' Order, you can only enter quantity and transaction will be executed at market price
    2. In 'Limit' Order, enter 'Quantity' and 'Price'. 'Total Amount' will auto-populate
  • Then Select either 'Regular' or 'Bracket' Order
    1. If 'Bracket Order' is selected, enter 'Stop Loss' and 'Book Profit' targets
  • Finally, select the portfolio to which the stocks must be added and Click on 'Review Order'
  • Verify the details and confirm the same by clicking on 'Buy' or 'Short Sell'
  • Once executed, the order is successful and you'll see the stocks in your portfolio
  • If the order is yet to be executed, you'll find it in pending state in the 'Orders' tab inside the associated portfolio
How do I Buy or Sell stocks from the 'Arena' section?
  • First, tap on 'My Leagues' and go to the league in which you want to place orders
  • Then select the stocks you want to buy/sell
  • Next, click on 'Buy' or 'Short Sell' if you want to short a stocks
  • Then select either the 'Market' or 'Limit' Order
    1. In 'Market' Order, you can only enter quantity and transaction will be executed at market price
    2. In 'Limit' Order, enter 'Quantity' and 'Price'. 'Total Amount' will auto-populate
  • Then Select either 'Regular' or 'Bracket' Order
    1. If 'Bracket Order' is selected, enter 'Stop Loss' and 'Book Profit' targets
  • Finally, select the portfolio to which the stocks must be added and Click on 'Review Order'
  • Verify the details and confirm the same by clicking on 'Buy' or 'Short Sell'
  • Once executed, the order is successful and you'll see the stocks in your portfolio
  • If the order is yet to be executed, you'll find it in pending state in the 'Orders' tab inside the associated portfolio
What does 'Holdings' refer to in the portfolio?

Holdings show the amount you've invested in different stocks along with the cash balance

Can I make edits to my portfolio once the league starts?

Once you have linked a portfolio to the league, you can make unlimited changes before or after the league starts till the league ends.

What if my stocks don't show up in my portfolio?

Please check if the order to buy or sell the stocks was executed and successful. This can be checked under the 'Orders' tab.

If the orders were placed with 'Stop Loss' or 'Book Profit' instructions, it is possible that it got triggered. Check the history page to review any such automatically triggered transactions in your portfolio. If this issue doesn't get resolved within 24 hours, please contact our support.

Can I choose which portfolio I want to use to enter a league?

Yes, you can choose any of the League Portfolios to enter a league. However, Default Portfolio cannot be linked to leagues.

Why is my order in pending state?

An order placed can either get executed immediately or go into the pending state for one of the following reasons -

  1. It was placed after-market hours i.e. between 3:30 PM and 9:15 AM. Therefore, it will get executed only after markets open
  2. It was placed in a portfolio linked to a League which has not yet started. Therefore, it will get executed only after the league starts.
  3. It was a 'Limit Order'. Therefore, it will get executed only if the market trades at that price defined by you in the order instructions.
  4. It was placed on a stocks in which trading was halted as the stocks hit upper or lower circuit. Therefore, it will get executed only after trading resumes.
What is the use of Top Portfolios of the Day and Week shown on the home screen?

Everyday StockGro users win leagues by building great portfolios. The 'Top Portfolios' section on the homepage recognizes such users who have built the day's or week's most profitable portfolios (by percentage returns).

Additionally, this section encourages beginners on StockGro by helping them connect with the platform's best traders. In short, you can tap on any portfolio here to add that trader as your friend and view the stocks traded in such winning portfolios.

Can I rename my portfolio?

Yes, you can rename your Default portfolio.

What is a League?

A league is where different StockGro users compete against each other using their portfolios to win rewards. After joining the league and adding stocks to the linked portfolio, users are assigned ranks based on the portfolio's performance. Depending on your rank category, you may or may not win a reward. Such leagues run on all business days for varying time periods (daily, weekly, monthly etc.)

Can I create my own League?

Currently, only StockGro and StockGro ambassadors can create Leagues. Please contact us if you are interested in creating custom Leagues.

What are 'Upcoming Leagues'?

Upcoming Leagues are those which are yet to start. You can register for these leagues subject to availability of seats.

What are 'My Leagues'?

The Leagues in which you've enrolled appear under the 'My Leagues' tab, including those that you've already participated.

Can I join leagues everyday and at any time?

Leagues run during regular market hours. Each League has specific timings associated with it, which can be viewed by clicking on the League in the 'Upcoming Leagues' section under 'Arena' tab.

How can I join Leagues?
  • To join Leagues, tap on 'Arena'
  • All upcoming leagues will be listed here
  • Find a League of your choice which has seats 'Left'
  • On the next screen, league rules and rewards table are displayed
  • Accept the League 'Terms & Conditions' and click 'Continue'
  • Next, Link one of the available Portfolios and click on 'Join'
What are the rules of a League?
  • Every user who joins a League needs to link an unlinked league portfolio to it
  • Note that a portfolio can be linked to one League only and one League will only support one portfolio
  • Once the portfolio is linked, the user can start adding stocks to the portfolio
  • To find more rules specific to the League, check out the league rules inside League Info section
Can I exit the League after it starts?

Yes, a league can be exited after it starts.

Can I exit the League before it starts?

Yes, a league can be exited before it starts.

Where can I see the Leagues I joined in the past?

Tap on your 'Display Name' in the side menu, and check out the 'Recent Performance' section to see all the leagues that you've participated in.

What is 'Transaction Fee'?

Each time a trade is executed on the StockGro App, a transaction fee of 0.01% of the total traded value is charged on the buy side. This is deducted from INR 10,00,000 virtual cash in your portfolio.

When does trading start on the StockGro app?

In the Default Portfolio, you can start trading at 9:15 AM when the market opens. However, in the case of leagues, please check the Arena section as each league has a different starting time. Do note - all leagues start after 9:30 AM and end before 3:25 PM.

When are the winners announced?

Winners are announced at the end of the League. Participants must visit the 'Ranks' tab inside a League to know their position.

How are the winners decided?

Participants are ranked the basis of absolute return on total portfolio value i.e. (returns generated)/(invested amount + Cash balance). The top ranking participants will be declared winners.

What is the difference between 'Trade Points' and 'Social Points'?

For each transaction made by a user (buy, sell) across any of the portfolios, a user gets 1 (one) trading point

For each interaction posted by a user (message, reply, emojis like, happiness, etc.) on the chat platform, a user gets 1 (one) social point

How are rewards distributed to the players?

All the League participants are continuously ranked in the order of their return %. At the end of the League, the rewards are distributed among the top rankers in the predetermined ratio. This ratio is published in advance on the League Rules page that appears at the time of joining the league.

What is the Champion's chart?

All StockGro users are ranked continuously based on the total amount of rewards across leagues. The top users are recognized in the Champion's Chart that can be accessed from the side menu.

What is a StockGro Account?

StockGro Account reflects all your rewards and deposits. It shows your StockGro cash and Bonus cash balance.

What is StockGro Cash?

StockGro Cash is earned by participating in Leagues.

How can I withdraw money from my StockGro Account?

To withdraw 'StockGro Cash', click on 'Divest' option under 'StockGro Account'. Enter your 4-digit PIN and. Next, depending on the payment method selected, enter the amount you wish to transfer back and other requested details. Finally, accept the terms & conditions and click on 'Transfer'

What are the limits for withdrawing money?

For all listed Payment Methods (PayTm, Bank and UPI transfer), the following withdrawal limits apply :

  • Minimum Withdrawal Amount Per Transaction: Rs. 100/-
  • Maximum Withdrawal Amount Per Transaction: Rs. 500/-
  • Maximum Daily Withdrawal Amount: Rs. 1000/-
What is Bonus Cash? Can I withdraw it?

In StockGro Account, Bonus cash is the in-app currency that's awarded when you participate in leagues or when you invite friends onto the platform. This amount is not withdrawable but it can be used to redeem exciting coupons.

Where can I see my Transaction History (incoming and outgoing payments)?

In 'StockGro Account', you can scroll down to find all the previous transactions. This includes money added, rewards and withdrawals.

Is my winning amount subject to tax?

Yes, rewards from the Leagues are subject to tax.

Where can I see my total rewards?

In 'StockGro Account', there is a section called 'My Earnings'. Here the account's total rewards are visible.

Why is my withdrawal request failing?

A withdrawal request may fail either due to internet issues at your end or payment gateway failures. Some of the possible reasons for the same could be -

  1. User entered incorrect Password / PIN
  2. Payment Gateway is Down
  3. Bank is temporarily not accepting payments due to other technical reasons

In any case, if money was deducted but not credited into your account, the transaction will be reversed once the issue is resolved. And you can retry withdrawing the money after this reversal.

Why is my withdrawal request in pending state?

A withdrawal request may be in pending state due to technical issues at the bank or payment gateway's end. Kindly wait for a few hours for the transaction to be completed. If unsuccessful, any money that was deducted will be returned and you can re-attempt the transaction.

What is the 'Social' section?

'Social' section allows people with similar interests to come together and converse on chat groups. You and your friends can join a variety of social groups like Fundamental Analysis, Intraday Trading and Chart Analysis to learn more about Investing and Trading.

How can I join social groups?

In the 'Social' section, you can find the 'Discover' tab. Here all the social groups are listed and you can join them by tapping on the group.

Can I invite my friends to join StockGro?

Yes, you can invite your friends. To do so, tap on the 'Invite Friends' option in the side navigation bar and share your 'Invitation Code' with your friends. You and your friend will win Bonus Cash for each successful referral.

Can I chat with other League participants?

Yes, you can chat with other League participants by going into the 'Chat' tab visible on the League page.

Can I remove any of my friends or followers?

Yes, you can remove any of your friends or followers. To do so, tap on the 'Friends' option in the side navigation bar and tap on 'Remove' against their name.

Can I create my own chat group on StockGro?

Yes, you can create your own chat groups. Once inside the 'Social' section, tap on the 'Chats' section. Then tap on the floating '+' icon that's visible at the bottom and click on 'Create Private Group.' In a Private Group, you can add members from your Friend List.

What is the regulatory framework for real money gaming in India?

StockGro League's are a game of skill - A game of skill is when a player invests his/her time in learning, practising and refining his skill to perform in a particular game. The Supreme Court noted that games of skill would be where “success depends principally upon the superior knowledge, training, attention, experience and adroitness of the player. It is also noted by the Supreme Court that a Game of Skill will have a predominance of Skill Factor.

The principal legislation governing gambling in India is the Public Gambling Act, 1867 (“PGA”). The PGA criminalises the act of 'gambling' in a public forum and the keeping of a 'common gaming house'. The PGA, however, creates an important exception in favour of games of skill, by stating that the provisions of the PGA shall [not] be held to apply to any 'game of mere skill' wherever played.