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If they work in the organised sector, most private sector employees are eligible to receive post-retirement benefits. Be aware that, unlike their counterparts in the private sector, employees of the government are also entitled for pensions. After the EPF Act was approved by Parliament, the Employee Provident Fund was established. According to the law, the Employees Provident Fund Organisation of India (EFPO), which is identified by a UAN or Unique Account Number, is in charge of the money that both the employer and the employee put in a permanent account. You can accurately assess your savings with the aid of an EPF calculator.

Every time you enter data into the PF calculator, unique technology retrieves the right total. The provident fund is very helpful for making future financial decisions since it serves as a guarantee for future prosperity or job loss.

How might a calculator for EPF benefit you?

You can easily keep track of where your hard-earned money is being stored and how much interest it has accrued once you start utilising our PF calculator in India.

Here are some intriguing benefits of using an online EPF calculator.

  • You don't need to constantly manually tally up your contributions.
  • We guarantee that the online PF calculator functions properly every time.
  • If the interest rates or contribution percentages change over time, you shouldn't be concerned. The modification will be immediately accounted for by the EPF calculator.
  • Last but not least, whenever you use our, you will automatically be informed of any most recent contributions, transactions, and changes. For instance, the current interest rate for EPF is 8.15%. You will be alerted after you log in if it changes during the fiscal year due to any new legislation.

The formula to determine EPF amount

The accuracy and dependability of the EPF calculator from StockGro are guaranteed when you use it in India. You should have this information on hand before using the calculator.

Your monthly base wage plus Dearness Allowance (DA)

Your financial support of the EPF

The contribution from your employer

Your retirement age, as well as any VRS plans you may have.

Your EPF balance at this time

EPF interest rate at this time

How do I use the EPF calculator on StockGro?

Our EPF calculator can be accessed and used with ease. Simply enter the values, and the output will appear shortly.

Step 1: Indicate your age and base wage.

Step 2: The employer's contribution (EPS+EPF), total interest earned, and total maturity amount will all be displayed in the results as soon as you input the values.

What benefits does StockGro's PF account calculator offer?

StockGro gives you a variety of options with a variety of calculators, all of which are listed here. You can use any of our calculators at no cost. To prevent any hiccups, they are frequently updated.

EPF Calculator FAQs

What is the EPF Pension Calculation Formula?

EPF Pension Formula = [Pensionable salary * pensionable service]/70

How can I calculate my EPF amount?

To determine the EPF amount, your base pay and dearness allowance are applied. Your company would contribute 3.67% to EPF and 8.33% to EPS, while you would contribute 12% of your basic income and dearness allowance.

What is the PF salary limit?

If an employer contributes more than 7.5 lakhs to the Employees Provident Fund in a fiscal year, it is taxed. Any amount over 7.5 lakhs that is paid to an employee must be taxed.

What is the minimum PF amount?

A 12% minimum contribution is required to your EPF. By making contributions to the Voluntary Provident Fund, you can raise the proportion. Enter the retirement age up to 58 years in the future. If you are aware of the amount, provide the current EPF balance.

Is it compulsory to deduct PF from salary?

All employees who receive a wage are eligible to join the EPF. It is required that you register for EPF if you are a salaried individual making less than INR 15,000 (base salary plus dearness allowance). If your monthly salary exceeds INR 15,000, you are an ineligible employee. EPF enrollment is not required.

What is the ESI salary limit?

After April or October for the relevant contribution periods, if an employee's pay surpasses the maximum of Rs. 21,000, they are still considered employees until the conclusion of that contribution period.

Is PF compulsory for private companies?

A company must compulsorily register with the Employees Provident Fund Organisation of India if it has more than 20 employees. Companies with less than 20 employees may voluntarily enrol in the Employees Provident Fund.
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