Car Loan EMI Calculator

Loan Amount (₹)
Rate of Interest (p.a.)
Loan Tenure (years)

Monthly EMI

₹ 15,211

Total Interest

₹ 47,595

Principal amount

₹ 5,00,000

Total amount

₹ 5,47,595

India is currently the fourth-largest 4-wheeler market in the world. Growth has been constant at 9.5% annually. It is understandable why the need for an accurate and user-friendly vehicle loan EMI calculator has increased so dramatically.

Although the Internet is saturated with tools for calculating vehicle loan EMIs, this one stands out for its simplicity. StockGro offers you the greatest and most user-friendly EMI calculator that will enable you to make an educated choice about how much financing you need to buy your ideal automobile, how much your EMIs are going to cost, and other factors.

How Can You Use a Car Loan EMI Calculator?

Thanks to the various vehicle loans offered by different lenders, everyone can now afford their dream car. The days of starting to save money for a new car at a young age in order to purchase one are long gone. With a respectable income and credit score, one can obtain a pre-approved auto loan, but only up to the maximum loan amount and tenure.No matter what kind of car you plan to buy, a car loan will cost a lot of money that you will have to pay back over the course of the loan, plus interest. An auto EMI calculator is useful in this situation.

The following five advantages of employing the EMI calculator:

  • Accessible and quick to deliver results
  • Reduces the time and effort needed to perform manual calculations
  • Helps you calculate how much your car loan EMI will be.
  • Streamline your loan planning process.

Keep in mind that the interest rate and the length of your loan are the key determinants of your loan EMI. Your EMI will increase when the loan's interest rate increases, and vice versa. Similar to this, choosing a longer term will lower your EMI and vice versa. Therefore, when you apply for a car loan, think about choosing a longer loan term so that payments are manageable.

Be aware that you pay more in interest during the first few months of the car loan's term, and that when you make loan payments, a bigger percentage of your payment eventually shifts to the loan's principal portion. This is due to the fact that EMIs are calculated using the declining balance approach, which benefits you as the borrower.

How to calculate the car loan EMI?

Car Loan EMI can be calculated based on the below given formula:

E = P * R * (1+R)^n/[(1+R)^n -1]

The following list includes the formula's various elements:

P - Determines how much the principal is.
R - Monthly interest rate
N - Duration overall in months.
E - The overall EMI due each month.

How to use car loan EMI calculator?

You can use car loan EMI calculator by following these steps:

  1. Enter principal amount, interest rate and tenure.
  2. After updating all the values, you will be able to see the EMI payable.

Car Loan Calculator FAQs

What is a car loan calculator?

Car loan EMI calculator is used to figure out how much in monthly instalments (EMI) you'll have to pay for a car loan. To provide you with an estimate of the EMI, it considers the loan amount, interest rate, and loan term.

Is the car loan interest rate fixed?

Interest rates on car loans might be either fixed or fluctuating. A fixed interest rate is one that stays the same during the course of the loan. Market gyrations and other factors have little impact on fixed interest rates.

How to get the cheapest car loan?

Guidelines for obtaining a car loan with low interest rates
  • Because every bank has a fixed CIBIL score limit, check the credit score.
  • Always look at the affordability rate.
  • Check out various lenders because they differ substantially in terms of flexibility, services, and other factors.

How can I reduce my car loan EMI?

You can reduce the car loan EMI, by following these steps:
  1. Competitive rates
  2. Longer tenures
  3. Larger down payment
  4. Prepayment
  5. Balance transfer

Can I get a loan on a used car?

Yes, it's simple to finance a used car. Customers who want to buy a used or pre-owned car might choose to finance their purchase using personal loans for used cars. These loans come with appealing interest rates and little paperwork requirements.
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