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Golden Cross Stocks: Meaning, Drawbacks

In the intricate and ever-changing world of the stock market, investors have the potential to make enormous profits or lose all of their money in a matter of seconds. The Golden Cross Stocks are one of the many tools and techniques used by investors to help them make well-informed investing decisions. So, let’s explore all about golden cross stocks in detail.

What are golden cross stocks?

When a stock’s short-term moving average rises above its long-term moving average, a technical analysis pattern known as a “Golden Cross” is formed. In general, a stock’s 50-day moving average is referred to as the short-term moving average, while its 200-day moving average is referred to as the long-term moving average.

A technical golden chart is regarded as a positive indication, suggesting that the market’s current bullish trend may continue or that it may reverse from a bearish to a bullish direction. When an investor sees a “Golden Cross,” it is an excellent chance to go long and profit from the upward price movements.

How does it work?

The short-term moving average (usually a 50-day) and long-term moving average (usually a 200-day) are plotted on a chart, and when they intersect, it signals a change in market sentiment. When the shorter-term crosses above the longer-term average, it shows an upward trend. On the other hand,  when the shorter-term average crosses below the longer-term average, it signals a downward trend.

Benefits of investing in Indian golden cross stocks

Below are the advantages of golden cross strategy stocks: –

  1. Less risky

The Golden Cross stock is less vulnerable to abrupt declines because it is a periodic trend indicator. Therefore, it might be a comparatively low-risk investment.

  1. Delivers major returns

Golden Cross equities tend to move in collaboration with the longer-term trend, which can provide investors with significant returns over time.

  1. Possibility of sustained growth

A golden cross indicates that both the long-term and short-term trends are pointing in the same direction, indicating that the stock has the potential for sustainable growth.

  1. Diversification

Investing in golden cross stocks can be used as a strategy for portfolio diversification.

  1. Timing

The golden cross can be used as a hint to buy a company’s shares at the correct moment because it shows that the stock is moving higher.

Drawbacks of golden cross stocks

  1. False signals: One of the major drawbacks of golden cross stocks is that they can generate false signals, leading to losses for investors. This happens when there is a crossover, but the market sentiment does not support the trend.
  1. Delayed entry and exit points: As the moving averages are based on historical data, Golden Cross stocks may result in delayed entry and exit points, causing investors to miss out on potential profits.
  1. Does not work well in volatile markets: Death cross and golden cross stocks are more effective in stable and trending markets. In highly volatile markets, the strategy may fail to provide accurate signals.
  1. Requires constant monitoring: To make profitable trades using Golden Cross stocks, investors need to monitor the market and make adjustments accordingly. This can be time-consuming and may only be suitable for some investors.
  1. Not suitable for short-term trading: As this strategy is based on longer-term moving averages, it may not be suitable for investors looking to make quick trades or profit from short-term market movements.

Using the golden cross in India

The following are the procedures for applying for the golden cross moving average in India:

  1. Choose the Stock: Choose the stock that will be examined using the golden cross method.
  1. Locate the Moving Averages: Find the short and long-term moving averages for the stock, including the 50-day moving average, in addition to the 200-day moving average.
  1. Make a moving average plot: Plot the long-term moving average and the short-term moving average on a historical values chart of the stock.
  1. Determine the Golden Cross: A possible bullish trend should be detected when the short-term moving average crosses above the long-term moving average.
  1. Examine Additional Factors: Before making investment selections based solely on the Golden Cross indicator, carefully investigate and take into account elements such as the company’s fundamentals, industry trends, and general market conditions.
  1. Act Now: A Golden Cross can indicate a compelling buying opportunity and encourage investors to think about buying the stock.
  1. Use in Conjunction: The death crossover stocks are an excellent long-term trend indicator, but they shouldn’t be used alone. To make wise and educated investing decisions, incorporate it into a thorough investment strategy that also incorporates further technical and fundamental analysis.

How to use the golden cross?

The following are some of the uses for the Golden Cross.

  • The Golden Cross Stock can be a valuable tool for traders seeking to make well-informed judgments. Instead of relying solely on volume and price swings, you can identify potential opportunities much more quickly by closely monitoring this pattern on your charts.
  • Gold crosses can also be used in conjunction with other technical indicators. Use support and resistance levels or trend lines, for instance, to guide your trading decisions.
  • Thirdly, any macroeconomic influences that are at work—such as economic news—should be considered. It will let you decide whether to utilise all of the benefits that this design has to offer or not.
  • Traders who sell short might view the Golden Cross as a signal that the bear market is concluding and it is time to liquidate their positions.
  • Some traders may choose to display the Golden Cross using a different moving average. A trader might, for instance, choose to use the 100-day average rather than the 200-day. The hour chart and other shorter time intervals can also be used to study this trend.

The Bottom Line

Golden cross stocks can be a useful tool for investors in identifying long-term trends and making profitable trades in the stock market. However, it is important to understand its drawbacks and use it in conjunction with other strategies for a well-informed investment decision. As with any investment strategy, thorough research and risk management are crucial for success. Overall, Golden Cross stocks should be used as a complement to an investor’s overall trading plan rather than being solely relied upon.


What is the meaning of golden cross stocks?

Golden cross stocks is a technical analysis strategy that involves the intersection of two moving averages to identify bullish trends in the share market.

What are the advantages of using golden cross stocks?

It is easy to understand, helps identify long-term trends, provides entry and exit points, and can be used for different trading timeframes.

How do golden cross stocks work?

It involves plotting a short-term and long-term moving average on a chart, and when they intersect, it signals a change in market sentiment.

How can investors overcome the delayed entry and exit points associated with golden cross stocks?

Investors can use other technical indicators or combine them with fundamental analysis to make informed decisions.

Is constant monitoring of the market necessary for using this strategy?

Yes, to make profitable trades, investors need to monitor the market and adjust their positions accordingly.

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