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Ashneer Grover from BharatPe to being a Shark 

Learn about the career and wealth journey of this popular founder and former Shark Tank India judge.

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In the dynamic landscape of Indian entrepreneurship, one name that stands out is Ashneer Grover. Known for his charismatic presence and sharp business acumen, Grover has left an indelible mark on the startup ecosystem. 

Let’s delve into the journey of this former Shark Tank India judge and entrepreneur extraordinaire, exploring his career milestones, financial triumphs, net worth, and noteworthy investments.

Net Worth:$108 Million
Profession:Entrepreneur and Former Managing Director of BharatPe
Age:41 Yrs
Yearly Income:74 Crore +
Date and place of birth:1982-06-14 (Delhi)
Parents:Ashok Grover, Neeru Grover

Early Days and education

Ashneer Grover was born on June 14, 1982, in Delhi. His father was a Chartered Accountant (CA), and his mother was a teacher. He completed his elementary education in the national capital and graduated with B Tech in civil engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi.

For further studies, he went to INSA Lyon University in France for a student exchange program during 2002-2003 and then completed his MBA from the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Ahmedabad in 2006.

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Career – life before BharatPe 

Before establishing BharatPe, he worked in many firms, including Kotak Investment Bank, Grofers, PC Jeweller Ltd and American Express. Ashneer’s wife, Madhuri Jain Grover, who is also an entrepreneur, served as the head of control at BharatPe since its incorporation and headed procurement and admin departments.

Co-founding BharatPe

One of Grover’s most significant contributions to the Indian startup scene was co-founding BharatPe in 2018. BharatPe, a fintech company, aimed to simplify digital payments for small businesses. Grover’s vision was to create a platform that would empower merchants and facilitate seamless transactions.

Under Grover’s leadership as the Managing Director of BharatPe, the company experienced rapid growth, becoming a key player in India’s digital payment ecosystem. The platform offered merchants QR code-based payment solutions, enabling them to accept payments effortlessly.

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Shark Tank India Stint

Ashneer Grover gained widespread recognition when he appeared as a judge on Shark Tank India. His role on the show allowed him to assess innovative business ideas and mentor aspiring entrepreneurs. 

Grover’s no-nonsense approach and insightful critiques made him a standout personality on the television series. Ashneer, who became very popular after the first season of Shark Tank of India, wasn’t a part of season 2, and that came out as a big shock to the audience

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Financial triumphs and net worth

Grover’s financial success is closely tied to BharatPe’s growth and success. As of 2023, his estimated net worth is a testament to the impact of his entrepreneurial ventures. With a keen understanding of the fintech landscape and strategic decision-making, Grover has carved a niche for himself in India’s burgeoning startup ecosystem.

As of Nov 2023, Grover’s net worth is estimated to be $108 million, reflective of his prominent position in the business world.

Investment portfolio

Grover owns a significant stake in BharatPe, which reportedly valued his shares at around $84 million when he left the company in 2022. 

Beyond his role at BharatPe, Ashneer Grover has ventured into strategic investments in various startups. His investments reflect a diversified portfolio, showcasing a keen interest in supporting innovative and promising ventures. Ashneer has also invested in other businesses, such as the food delivery startup Swiggy and the online insurance platform PolicyBazaar. These investments have further augmented his wealth.

Some other notable companies in which Grover has invested include:

  • Big Bang Food Tech 
  • Freadom 
  • The Whole Truth 
  • PazCare 
  • India Gold 
  • Fello 
  • Hire Quotient 
  • Koo 
  • Skippi Ice Pops 
  • Front Row


Ashneer Grover’s journey is an inspiring narrative of resilience, innovation, and financial success. From co-founding BharatPe, revolutionising digital payments for small businesses, to his role as a Shark Tank India judge, Grover has made waves in the entrepreneurial arena.

As he continues to navigate the dynamic world of business and investments, Ashneer Grover remains a prominent figure, influencing the trajectory of India’s startup ecosystem. His story serves as motivation for aspiring entrepreneurs, illustrating that with vision, determination, and strategic acumen, one can ride the waves of entrepreneurial triumph.

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