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Ghazal Alagh turning health in to wealth 

From corporate trainer to mompreneur extraordinaire, unravelling the journey of skincare innovation and entrepreneurial triumph

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Ghazal Alagh, the Co-founder, and CIO of Mamaearth, is an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs. Together with her husband Varun Alagh, she has steered Mamaearth from its humble beginnings to becoming a leading name in the organic skincare industry. Ghazal’s journey is a testament to innovation, and a commitment to making a positive impact in the lives of mothers and babies.


Name:Namita Thapar
Net Worth:₹150 crores
Profession:Co-founder and CIO Mamaearth
Age:33 yrs

Mamaearth’s inception:

The roots of Mamaearth trace back to 2016 when Ghazal and Varun founded the brand with the noble goal of providing safe, toxin-free products for babies and mothers. The inspiration came from their personal experiences and the realisation of the lack of trustworthy, natural options in the market. The idea of Mamaearth was born from a genuine concern for the well-being of infants and mothers.

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Innovative product line:

Mamaearth disrupted the skincare industry by introducing a range of natural and organic products that were free from harmful chemicals. This innovative product line resonated with a growing consumer demand for safe and eco-friendly alternatives. The brand’s commitment to toxin-free solutions brought a positive change in the market, setting new standards in skincare.

E-commerce prowess:

Recognizing the power of e-commerce, Ghazal strategically positioned Mamaearth online, leveraging digital platforms and marketing. Their online-first approach proved to be a game-changer, reaching a wider audience and establishing a strong online presence. Mamaearth’s success story in the digital realm is a testament to the couple’s foresight and adaptability.

Social impact initiatives:

Mamaearth is not just a brand; it’s a movement. Ghazal and Varun are committed to sustainability, implementing eco-friendly practices in their operations. Initiatives like the “Plant Goodness” campaign showcase their dedication to environmental conservation. The brand goes beyond skincare, contributing to a greener and healthier planet.

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Fundraising success:

Ghazal’s ability to secure funds from prominent investors reflects the industry’s confidence in her vision. These funds were strategically used to expand the product line, enhance marketing efforts, and fuel overall business growth. Mamaearth’s success story is not just about financial gains but also about building a community of conscious consumers.

Global expansion:

Mamaearth’s success in the Indian market paved the way for international expansion. The brand’s presence in global markets highlights the universal appeal of their natural and sustainable products. Ghazal and Varun’s vision extends beyond geographical boundaries, making Mamaearth a globally recognized brand.

Early life and education:

Ghazal Alagh was born on September 2, 1988, in Gurugram, Haryana. Raised in Chandigarh, she completed her schooling before pursuing a Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) degree from Punjab University. Ghazal’s early academic journey laid the foundation for her future endeavours in the corporate world.

Corporate trainer to mompreneur:

After completing her education, Ghazal started her career as a corporate trainer, gaining valuable experience in imparting knowledge and skills. However, life took a turn when she embraced motherhood and embarked on a new journey as a mompreneur. Ghazal’s transition from a corporate trainer to a creative soul and entrepreneur reflects her versatility and adaptability.

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Mamaearth: A solution to motherhood challenges:

Ghazal’s role as the Chief Innovation Officer at Mamaearth involves working closely with mothers to develop a product line that addresses daily challenges faced by moms. The brand’s commitment to providing toxin-free products stems from Ghazal’s personal experience of not finding safe skincare options for her son, who had allergies.

Diversification and entrepreneurial resilience:

Before co-founding Mamaearth, Ghazal faced entrepreneurial challenges with her first venture, Diet Expert. Despite initial setbacks, her journey into the business world continued, leading to the establishment of Mamaearth. The brand’s success is a testament to Ghazal’s resilience and determination to create a positive impact in the consumer goods industry.

Mamaearth’s social impact and sustainability:

Apart from its product offerings, Mamaearth’s social impact initiatives and commitment to sustainability set it apart in the business landscape. Ghazal and Varun’s dedication to creating a brand that goes beyond profits and contributes to environmental well-being showcases their vision for a better world.

Artistry, motherhood, and Shark Tank:

Ghazal Alagh’s artistic pursuits, coupled with her role as a devoted mother, add layers to her dynamic personality. Her experience as a judge on Shark Tank India Season 1 reflects her business acumen and willingness to invest in promising startups. Ghazal’s investments in various ventures showcase her diverse interests and belief in the potential of different industries.


Ghazal Alagh’s journey from a corporate trainer to a mompreneur and co-founder of Mamaearth is a saga of determination, innovation, and success. Her impact on the skincare industry, coupled with her role as a judge & investor, positions her as a key figure in India’s entrepreneurial landscape. As Mamaearth continues to flourish, Ghazal’s story serves as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and advocates of sustainable living.

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