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Game-changer: Nodwin Gaming acquires Comic Con India in a strategic move

Nazara Technologies' subsidiary, Nodwin Gaming, acquires Comic Con India. Will this partnership redefine India's gaming and pop culture landscape? Find out here.

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In a groundbreaking move that is set to redefine the landscape of India’s gaming and pop culture scene, Nazara Technologies’ subsidiary, Nodwin Gaming, has acquired Comic Con India. This acquisition not only marks a significant milestone in the journey of these companies but also promises to bring about a revolution in the industry.

Nazara Technologies, a leading player in the Indian gaming and sports media platform, has been making waves with its innovative approach and diverse portfolio. Its subsidiary, Nodwin Gaming, is a pioneer in the esports sphere, known for its commitment to nurturing the gaming ecosystem in India.

Comparatively, Comic Con India, since its inception in 2011, has been a vibrant platform celebrating the multifaceted world of pop culture, bringing together enthusiasts from across the country. This acquisition is set to merge the worlds of gaming and pop culture, creating a dynamic space for enthusiasts and investors alike.

Details of acquisition

The acquisition of Comic Con India by Nodwin Gaming, Nazara Technologies’s subsidiary, is a significant development in the gaming and pop culture industry. A mix of cash and stock swaps formed the basis of the acquisition. 

Comic Con India is valued at ₹ 55 crore, and Nodwin Gaming will buy all the shares for that price. Nodwin Gaming has agreed to pay Comic Con India ₹ 27.5 crore in exchange for its shares and ₹27.4 crore in cash.

This is not merely a corporate acquisition, but a collaborative alliance. The enterprise will remain under the stewardship of its founders, Jatin Varma and Karan Kalra.

The Target acquisition completion is in 90 days. Comic Con will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nodwin after the acquisition.

The acquisition process was meticulously planned and executed. Nazara Technologies, known for its strategic investments in the gaming and sports ecosystem, saw potential in Nodwin Gaming and acquired it. Nodwin Gaming, with its strong foothold in the esports industry, identified Comic Con India as a valuable addition to its portfolio.

This acquisition is strategic to combine the strengths of both companies to offer a more robust and diverse offering to their audience. It promises to redefine the gaming and pop culture landscape in India, offering potential benefits to the stakeholders involved, including the Indian investors.

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About comic con India

Jatin Varma and Karan Kalra started Comic Con India in 2011, and since then, it has grown into the largest pop culture festival in India. Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, and Ahmedabad are among the other major cities that have hosted subsequent editions since the first one in New Delhi.

Over 200,000 people attend Comic Con India’s festivals nationwide each year. Many aspects of popular culture are honoured at these festivals, such as gaming, comics, cosplay, movies, and merchandise.

For instance, cosplay has played a major role in these gatherings. The number of cosplayers increased from thirteen at the inaugural Comic Con in 2011 to more than two thousand in 2017. 

In addition, Comic Con India is home to the Indian Championship of Cosplay, the grand prize winners of which represent India at the Crown World Championships of Cosplay, held annually in Chicago Comic Con. The world’s best cosplayers, unforgettable experiences, and celebrity guests are just a few of the things that make each city’s Comic Con special.

About Nodwin Gaming and Nazara Technologies

Established in 2015, Nodwin Gaming Pvt Ltd is one of the most prominent esports organisations in India, with headquarters in Gurugram. Competitive gaming, content creation, talent management, sponsorship, and brand integration are just a few of the several services it provides. 

Nodwin Gaming develops and licences intellectual properties (IPs) for video games and electronic sports to audiences around the world, including in South Asia, Singapore, the MENA region, and Turkey. Its value reached $349 million in May 2023. On February 28, 2022, Nazara acquired Nodwin Gaming by purchasing a 51% interest in Nodwin Gaming, making it a subsidiary of the firm.

India-based Nazara Technologies is a leading multi-platform gaming and sports media company. The company has a strong presence in both developing and developed markets around the world, including in Africa and the Americas. 

From its humble beginnings as a games portal created by a tech-obsessed college student twenty years ago, Nazara Technologies has expanded into India’s sole publicly traded games company. Among its many offerings are digital games, gamified early learning ecosystems, esports, and interactive learning.

Financial Metrics

ParticularsFY 2022-23
Revenue from operations (million)₹ 10,910
YoY revenue growth76%
Net profit after tax (million)₹ 1,374
YoY net profit growth60%
EBITDA margin25.4%
Previous year’s EBITDA margin18.8%
Earnings per share₹ 20.76
Previous year’s earnings per share₹ 12.97

Nazara share price, as of January 25, 2024 is ₹ 916.80. A 1:1 bonus share issue has been announced by the company to reward shareholders. The share price has moved in an upward direction over the course of 6 months as shown in the following chart

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Impact and future plans

The Indian gaming industry is at its pinnacle of growth and success. With millions of players and several games that are becoming very popular. For instance, a game named PUBG, a multiplayer game has transformed into a financial powerhouse, with its revenue skyrocketing from $90.9 million in 2018 to a staggering $10 billion in 2023. With a total player count of approximately 1.2 billion, PUBG has undeniably defined a generation.

Nodwin Gaming’s strategic move to acquire Comic Con India will undoubtedly affect both companies in a big way. 

With Nodwin Gaming’s background in esports and Comic Con India’s prominence in the pop culture sphere, the two companies’ acquisitions are likely to have a complementary impact. This could create new and exciting fan experiences, increasing engagement and revenue for both parties. 

Nodwin Gaming intends to increase its presence in the pop culture industry by capitalising on Comic Con India’s well-known brand and extensive audience. As part of this, there are plans to expand Comic Con India to more cities and countries and to host more festivals. If the expansion goes through, Nodwin Gaming could increase audience size and earnings.

Depending on how the deal plays out, Nazara’s stock price might go up. Investors may get more bullish on a company’s stock price if they see strategic acquisitions as a sign of growth and expansion plans. Market circumstances, investor mood, and the company’s total performance are a few of the variables that might affect the real impact.

Given the trajectory of growth in the Indian gaming industry, shareholders could potentially reap substantial returns on their investment. If the purchase boosts Nodwin Gaming’s bottom line, Nazara Technologies’ shareholders may see a rise in their dividend payout.

As part of its plan to broaden its product line and increase its customer base, Nazara has strengthened its position in the gaming market through this acquisition. This acquisition may present new opportunities for Nazara Technologies to further solidify its position in the market, especially considering the promising growth of the gaming industry in India.

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Get ready for a game-changing fusion! Nazara’s Nodwin Gaming acquiring Comic Con India is more than just a milestone; it’s a pop culture revolution. 

With plans to expand festivals, boost audience engagement, and impact stock prices, this acquisition promises an exciting era for gaming enthusiasts and investors alike. Get ready for an unprecedented level of entertainment.

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