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Yes, a housewife can get a personal loan: Here’s how!

Thinking a traditional job is the only way to secure a loan? Housewives, it's time to explore how you can unlock financial freedom, too.

can a housewife get a personal loan

Many people think you need a regular job to get a loan, but what about housewives? This blog is here to explore how a housewife can actually get a personal loan, breaking down the myth that you need a traditional income to be eligible. It’s important because having access to loans can help housewives handle emergencies, start a business, or even learn something new.

Interestingly, more women are getting loans now than ever before. From 2015 to 2023, the number of women borrowers went up from 18.3% to 22.9%. So, if you are wondering, “Can a housewife get a personal loan?” The answer is “Yes!”. Continue to learn how.

Challenges faced by housewives in securing loans

Getting a bank personal loan for a housewife can be particularly challenging, primarily due to two important limitations: income verification and credit history.

Income verification

One of the main challenges housewives face is the lack of a traditional income. In order to determine whether a borrower will be able to repay the loan, banks and lenders usually request proof of income. For housewives, who may not have a regular salary, this requirement poses a significant barrier. Without traditional income proof, convincing lenders of their repayment capacity becomes a daunting task.

Credit history

Another obstacle is the potential absence of a personal credit history. Credit history plays an important role in loan approval processes, as it reflects an individual’s past borrowing and repayment behaviour. Housewives, especially those who have not engaged in financial transactions requiring credit, may find themselves at a disadvantage due to a lack of credit record. This absence can make it difficult for lenders to assess their creditworthiness, further complicating the loan approval process.

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Solutions and alternatives

For many housewives who don’t have a regular income, looking into financial opportunities can be scary. So can a housewife apply for a personal loan? Of course ‘Yes’, there are numerous ways to obtain a personal loan. Here are some of the most common options available:

Joint loans

If you are considering a personal loan, having a spouse or a co-signer apply with you could significantly increase your chances of approval. This approach allows lenders to consider the co-applicant’s income and credit score alongside yours, providing a fuller financial picture and reducing the perceived risk. It’s a partnership where both parties share the responsibility for the loan, making it a practical solution for housewives without a steady income.

Secured loans

Secured loans present another feasible option for housewives. These loans require an asset as collateral, such as a vehicle or property, offering lenders security against the loan amount. This not only raises the possibility that the loan will be approved, but it may also lead to better loan terms—like reduced interest rates—which would make it a desirable option for those with urgent financial needs.

Loan against gold

Opting for a loan against gold is an efficient and practical choice for housewives looking to secure funds swiftly. Many housewives possess gold, either through inheritance or as gifts, which often remains unused in bank lockers. Using this gold as collateral for a loan can be a wise choice, particularly when you are short on cash. 

NBFCs and MFIs

Non-Banking Financial Companies and Microfinance institutions or NBFCs and MFIs are known for their flexible lending criteria, often making them more accessible than traditional banks, especially for those without conventional employment or income proofs. These institutions can offer personal loans based on less stringent requirements, which can be particularly beneficial for housewives looking to start small businesses or needing urgent financial assistance.

Government schemes and programs

The government has launched various schemes aimed at empowering women financially. These programs offer loans at favourable terms to support women in starting their own businesses or for other income-generating activities.

  • Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana (PMMY): The goal of this programme is to encourage women—including housewives—to become entrepreneurs. It helps women launch their businesses by facilitating loans through banks and other financial organisations.
  • Udyogini scheme: Specifically aimed at women wanting to establish or expand their businesses, this scheme offers loans at a subsidised interest rate, ensuring financial support is accessible to those with the drive to pursue entrepreneurship.

It is important that every loan category indicated has distinct prerequisites. Thus, before applying for any loan, it is vital to review the eligibility requirements and other necessary paperwork. By doing this, you will save energy and time by avoiding rejections.

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Personal loan features for homemakers

The following are some essential features of a personal loan for housewives in general:

  • Versatile use: These loans are highly versatile, allowing housewives to use the funds for various needs such as starting a business, addressing emergencies, funding education, or home renovation. Because of its flexibility, there are no limitations on how the loan’s funds may be used.
  • Easy application: Recognizing that many housewives might not have a credit history or steady income, these loans often allow for a co-applicant or a guarantor to be part of the application. This makes the process more accessible and increases the likelihood of approval, providing a straightforward path to securing financial assistance.
  • Flexible repayment terms: Because the payback terms of these loans are flexible, housewives can select a repayment plan that best suits their budgetary needs. This adaptability helps ensure that the loan doesn’t become a financial burden, allowing for manageable payments over time.
  • Quick processing: The application process for these loans is frequently done online in today’s digital environment, so going in person to a bank or lending organisation is no longer necessary. With minimal paperwork required, the process is quick and hassle-free, leading to fast approval and disbursement of funds. This efficiency is critical for meeting urgent financial needs without unnecessary delays.

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To sum up

Getting a bank personal loan for a housewife is definitely possible today, more than ever. Whether it’s joining up with a spouse for a joint loan, using collateral, or checking government schemes designed just for women, there are many ways to get the financial boost you need. The key is to look into all your options and their criteria, pick what suits you best, and go for it. 

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