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Go Digit IPO: Revolutionising insurance with digital innovation

With 74 active products, Go Digit Ltd has established a strong presence in the insurance industry. Find out the details of its upcoming IPO!

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Among the world’s developing insurance markets, India’s life insurance market ranks fifth, expanding between 32 to 34% annually. New and innovative products have emerged as a result of the intense competition that has been affecting the business in recent years.

A company that has been making waves in the insurance sector, Go Digit is bringing up its IPO. Go Digit, backed by notable personalities like Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma, is sparking a flurry of interest among investors and market watchers alike. 

This article will explore the details of Go Digit General Insurance IPO.

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About Go Digit Insurance

Go Digit General Insurance Limited is a pioneering force in the realm of digital insurance, committed to simplifying the complex world of insurance policies. The company’s innovative approach is powered by cutting-edge technology, which is seamlessly integrated into its operations, setting a new standard for product design, distribution, and customer experience in the non-life insurance sector.

With a wide range of products including health, travel, property, marine, and liability insurance, among many others, Go Digit’s portfolio covers a wide range of insurance needs. It has successfully introduced 74 active products spanning all its business sectors. Because of the adaptability of each product, customers can personalise their coverage to meet their demands.

This customer-focused approach, coupled with Go Digit’s technological expertise, establishes the company as a trailblazer in the digital insurance field, committed to ensuring a smooth and transparent customer journey for one of the most crucial financial decisions a person will make in their lifetime.

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Go Digit Insurance company IPO details

Let’s look at a few of the key details of Go Digit IPO: 

Public Offering₹2,614.65 crores
Fresh Issue41.4 million shares (₹1,125 crores)
Offer for Sale54.8 million shares (₹1,489.65 crores)
Go Digit share price range ₹258 and ₹272
Subscription PeriodMay 15, 2024 – May 17, 2024
Minimum Application55 shares (₹14,960 for retail participants)

Now let’s look at the IPO’s reservations:

Investor categoryShares offered
QIB sharessNot more than 75% of the net issue 
Retail sharesNot less than 10% of the net issue
NII (HNI) sharesNot less than 15% of the net issue

The net proceeds from the new offering will be used by the company to maintain its solvency ratio. Moreover, the company expects that listing its equity shares on the stock exchanges will amplify its presence and strengthen its reputation among current and prospective customers.

Financial profile – Go Digit Insurance

Let’s take a look at a few of the key financials of the company:

Nine months ended Dec 2023 (Q3 FY2024)Nine months ended Dec 2022 (Q3 FY2023)
Net worth24,593.4322,995.76
Total income58,911.8942,840.58
Operating profit-101.22-570.09

The financial performance for Q3 FY2024 shows a strengthened net worth and increased total income, reflecting positive growth. Despite this, the company experienced an operating loss, indicating that operational costs surpassed revenue. 

However, there was a significant improvement in earnings per share (EPS), suggesting better profitability per share compared to the previous year.

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Strengths and weaknesses


  1. Simple and tailored customer experience: Go Digit General Insurance is dedicated to enhancing customer experience by simplifying insurance products and processes. Their approach focuses on trust, transparency, and customisation, leading to high customer satisfaction. This is evidenced by the fact that, as of December 31, 2023, their net promoter scores for non-claims were 73.3% and for motor claims, they were 93.1%. 
  2. Predictive underwriting models: Go Digit General Insurance uses its expertise and data in motor insurance to create detailed underwriting models. These models help evaluate risk, forecast losses, manage costs, and customise products for a wider customer base. The data collected also aids in continuous product improvement and cost reduction.
  3. Skilled and experienced management team: Under their leadership, Go Digit has built a workforce that aligns with its corporate culture and works in unison to realise the company’s vision. The employee base is a blend of industry experts with deep knowledge of the insurance sector and technology specialists adept at identifying market trends and technological innovations.


  • Go Digit has indicated that sustaining profitability in the future may be challenging.
  • The company’s loss reserves are estimated based on potential future claims liabilities. If these estimates fall short, it could necessitate additional increases in reserves.
  • The firm, its promoters, and its directors are all parties to ongoing legal procedures.
  • Fluctuations in interest rates or unfavourable shifts in India’s equity markets could negatively impact the value of the company’s investment portfolio.


Go Digit General Insurance Limited is making a significant impact on the Indian insurance sector with its innovative digital-first approach. The company’s commitment to simplifying insurance through technology has led to the development of a diverse product portfolio that addresses a wide range of customer needs, from health to property insurance. 

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