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Why are retail investors not happy with ICICI Securities delisting?

ICICI Securities delisting

In a recent development in the financial world, institutional investors have given the nod to the proposal to delist ICICI Securities, despite resistance from retail shareholders. This move is set to merge ICICI Securities with its parent company, ICICI Bank, significantly impacting the stock prices and shareholder dynamics. Let’s look at the numbers and implications surrounding this decision.

Institutional approval and retail opposition

Institutional shareholders, who have considerable influence due to their significant ownership stake, have intensely supported the delisting proposal. 

A staggering 83.8% of public institutional shareholders voted favouring the merger, while only 32% of non-institutional shareholders favoured the move. The inequality between institutional and retail support highlights the power dynamics within the shareholder landscape.

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Impact on share prices

Following the announcement of institutional approval, ICICI Securities’ share price plummeted by 4%, reflecting investor apprehension regarding the merger. 

icici securities share price

Despite a brief recovery, with shares trading 2.45% down, the market sentiment remained cautious. Conversely, ICICI Bank’s stock witnessed a 1.7% surge, indicating investor confidence in the bank’s strategic decision-making.

Delisting terms and shareholder ratios

Under the delisting scheme announced on June 25, 2023, ICICI Securities shareholders will receive 67 shares of ICICI Bank for every 100 shares held.

As of December 31, 2023, ICICI Bank holds a 74.77% equity stake in ICICI Securities, with the remaining 25.23% owned by the public. These figures highlight the significant transformation of ICICI Securities into a wholly-owned subsidiary of ICICI Bank.

Market response, regulatory scrutiny, and minority shareholder concerns

The market response to the delisting proposal has been mixed. ICICI Securities’ share price declined by 2.45%, while ICICI Bank’s shares surged by 1.7%. Meanwhile, regulatory bodies, including the stock exchanges, have sought clarification from ICICI Securities and ICICI Bank regarding alleged attempts to influence shareholder voting decisions. This scrutiny shows the importance of transparency and fair practices in corporate governance.

Despite institutional support, the delisting proposal has faced backlash from minority shareholders, particularly retail investors. 

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Quantum Mutual Fund, holding a minor stake in ICICI Securities, expressed concerns about the proposal’s impact on shareholder value. The fund estimated a net loss of at least ₹6.08 crore to its unit holders, citing the undervaluation of ICICI Securities and potential adverse effects on shareholder interests.

Looking ahead

As ICICI Securities moves towards delisting and merging with ICICI Bank, the financial landscape is set to undergo significant changes. The successful implementation of the merger will create synergies between the two entities, benefiting shareholders and customers. 

However, regulatory approvals and ongoing scrutiny showcase the need for transparency and accountability throughout the process.

In conclusion, as stakeholders navigate this transition, maintaining a focus on shareholder value and ethical corporate practices will be essential in fostering long-term trust and sustainability in the financial ecosystem.

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