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PM Narendra Modi launches historic infrastructure projects worth ₹1 lakh crore

How will this historic infrastructure project launches impact the stocks and which ones? Read on to know more!

National Highway project

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, amidst a whirlwind campaign across 12 states over 10 days, marked a significant milestone by launching and laying the foundation stone for 112 National Highway projects across India. 

The combined worth of these projects stands at an impressive ₹1 lakh crore. This monumental effort is set to revolutionise connectivity and infrastructure development in the country.

Inauguration of Dwarka Expressway: A game-changer

One of the highlights of this initiative is the inauguration of the Haryana segment of the Dwarka Expressway. This project holds immense promise for easing traffic congestion between Delhi and Gurugram on NH-48. 

This 19-kilometre stretch, constructed at approximately ₹4,100 crore, features an 8-lane elevated highway, a first of its kind in India. With direct connectivity to the Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi and the Gurugram Bypass, this expressway is poised to revolutionise transportation in the Delhi-Gurugram corridor.

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Key projects inaugurated and foundation stones laid

Aside from the Dwarka Expressway, Prime Minister Modi unveiled several other crucial infrastructure projects across different states. 

These include the 9.6 km-long six-lane Urban Extension Road-II (UER-II) Package 3 in Delhi, three packages of the Lucknow Ring Road in Uttar Pradesh, the Anandapuram – Pendurthi – Anakapalli section of NH16 in Andhra Pradesh, the Kiratpur to Ner Chowk section of NH-21 in Himachal Pradesh, and the Dobaspet – Hoskote section in Karnataka. 

In total, 42 projects amounting to ₹20,500 crores were inaugurated, promising significant socio-economic benefits to the regions they serve.

Moreover, Prime Minister Modi laid the foundation stone for various National Highway initiatives nationwide, showcasing a commitment to continued infrastructure development. 

With a total investment of ₹32,700 crores, these projects are poised to significantly expand India’s National Highway network and boost economic growth.

Significance of the initiative

Launching these infrastructure projects holds immense significance for India’s development trajectory. Not only do they address crucial connectivity issues, but they also stimulate economic growth by creating jobs, facilitating trade, and enhancing overall infrastructure.

The focus on highways and expressways reflects the government’s commitment to improving transportation infrastructure, which is vital for the country’s progress.

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List of some road infrastructure companies in India

Below is a list of companies in the road infrastructure sector in India (as of March 11, 2024).

CompanyMarket cap (₹ cr.)Share price % returns (1Y) as of March 11, 2024
IRB Infrastructure Developers Ltd37,019.07 107.8%
NCC Ltd.16,220.42159.91%
Rail Vikas Nigam Ltd49,613.05259.44%
PNC Infratech Ltd.11,226.1552.77%
Engineers India Ltd12,688.11191.48%


Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s launch of 112 National Highway projects, with a combined worth of ₹1 lakh crore, marks a significant step towards bolstering India’s infrastructure and connectivity. 

From the inauguration of the historic Dwarka Expressway to the laying of foundation stones for future projects, this initiative promises to transform transportation networks across the country.

These projects focus on economic growth and development and embody the vision for a more connected and prosperous India. 

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