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RBI keeps repo rate unchanged: What does it mean for you

For the seventh consecutive time, RBI has kept the repo rate unchanged. What does it mean for the financial market?

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The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has just announced its monetary policy for the fiscal year 2024-25, and the big news is that the key policy repo rate remains unchanged at 6.5%. This decision marks the seventh consecutive time the rate has been kept steady. Let’s delve into what this means for you and the economy.

Economic outlook: Growth and inflation

Growth forecast

The RBI has projected India’s real GDP growth for FY25 at a robust 7%. This optimistic outlook is fueled by strong consumption, particularly in rural areas, and sustained urban demand.

Inflation projection

On the inflation front, the RBI anticipates Consumer Price Index-based inflation to hover around 4.5% for FY25. This forecast breaks down to 4.9% in Q1, 3.8% in Q2, 4.6% in Q3, and 4.5% in Q4. While inflation has eased compared to previous years, food price uncertainties continue to pose challenges.

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Key policy rates

Here’s a quick overview of the current key policy rates:

  • Repo Rate: 6.5%
  • Standing Deposit Facility Rate: 6.25%
  • Marginal Standing Facility Rate: 6.75%
  • Bank Rate: 6.75%
  • Fixed Reverse Repo Rate: 3.35%

Highlights of the RBI MPC outcome

No change in rate, stance

The decision to maintain the repo rate at 6.5% was made by a 5:1 majority within the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC). This consistency reflects the RBI’s commitment to its ‘withdrawal of accommodation’ policy stance, which essentially means gradually reducing the supportive measures introduced during economic downturns to ensure a balanced and sustainable growth trajectory. 

In simpler terms, the RBI is starting to make borrowing a bit more expensive to control economic growth and inflation. This can help in preventing the economy from overheating.

Robust growth outlook

The RBI is optimistic about economic growth, with a focus on rural consumption catching up and urban demand remaining strong. The GDP growth forecast for FY25 is promising, with targets set for each quarter.

CPI Inflation forecast

While inflation is easing, the fight against it continues. The RBI’s projections indicate a downward trajectory, but food price uncertainties remain a concern. The central bank expects record rabi wheat production to help mitigate price pressures.

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Additional measures

In addition to the monetary policy decisions, the RBI announced several non-policy measures aimed at enhancing the financial landscape. These include initiatives such as trading of sovereign green bonds, introducing a mobile app for retail participation in G-Secs, and facilitating cash deposits through UPI.

What it means for you


For borrowers, the unchanged repo rate indicates stability in borrowing costs. If you have a floating-rate loan, your interest rates are likely to remain steady for now. If you anticipate rate hikes in the future, it’s a good time to consider locking in fixed-rate loans.


Savers might not see significant changes in savings rates immediately. Fixed deposit rates may stay consistent, providing predictable returns. However, keep an eye on market trends for potential adjustments in deposit rates.


Investors should analyse the impact of stable interest rates on various asset classes. Equities might see continued investor interest driven by positive growth prospects. Bond markets could experience stability but remain cautious of inflationary pressures.

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As we move forward into the fiscal year, the RBI’s decision to maintain the repo rate sets the tone for economic activities. While stability in interest rates is reassuring, it’s essential to stay informed about evolving market dynamics and adjust financial strategies accordingly. 

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