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What happened in the stock market today (23-Nov-2023)?

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The stock market – a place where fortunes rise and fall faster than your morning coffee cools. November 23, 2023, was no different; it was a day of twists and turns. Let’s break down the saga.

In a subdued trading session, the Sensex closed at 66,017.81, experiencing a marginal dip of 5.43 points, while the Nifty lost 9.85 points, settling at 19,802.

Impact on the stock market

Sectorial performance

Information Technology– 0.45%
Healthcare– 0.82%
Oil & Gas+ 0.58%
Real Estate+ 0.95%
Banks+ 0.29%

Top gainers today

CompanyPriceChange (%age)
EID Parry (India) Ltd.532.10+8.37%
Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd.326.70+6.94%
Indiabulls Real Estate Ltd.84.25+5.97%
Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Ltd.226.30+5.26%
Sunteck Realty Ltd.493.60+5.11%

Top losers today

CompanyPriceChange (%age)
Tube Investments of India Ltd.3422.45-8.25%
RateGain Travel Technologies Ltd.661.15-8.00%
Cipla Ltd.1170.65-7.93%
Mas Financial Services Ltd.842.45-6.45%
Techno Electric & Engineering Company Ltd.681.95-4.61%

Stocks in the spotlight: 

IDFC First Bank goes on stock options

Guess what? IDFC First Bank just played the Santa of the stock market, handing out 500,000 stock options to some lucky employees. The stock responded with a modest 1.26% victory move, reaching Rs 84.25 on the NSE.

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Tilaknagar’s Amit Dahanukar does a share shuffle

Amit Dahanukar, the puppet master behind Tilaknagar Industries Limited, decided to lighten his load by selling 30 lakh equity shares. Why? Well, he wanted to release the pledge on those shares. 

It’s like selling old furniture to declutter your house but in stock market language. Tilaknagar’s shares didn’t seem too fazed, though; the market took it in stride.

LIC trims Dr Reddy’s hedge

LIC decided to do a bit of gardening in its portfolio and trimmed its hedge in Dr Reddy’s Laboratories. The shareholding went from 7.627% to 5.593%. It’s like adjusting the greenery in your garden to keep it well-manicured. 

LIC’s stock tickled upwards, while Dr Reddy’s had a minor dip.

Cipla’s FDA adventure takes a hit

Cipla encountered a stumbling block in its regulatory journey when the FDA sent a letter. The regulator highlighted multiple concerns, including issues related to data integrity and bacterial contamination, among other things. 

This comprehensive scrutiny has industry analysts concerned about the potential escalation of the situation to an import alert. The FDA’s pointed observations have triggered a 6.5% tumble in Cipla’s shares, and the market is now closely monitoring how the pharmaceutical company addresses these critical regulatory challenges.

Gandhar Oil Refinery’s IPO: 

Gandhar Oil Refinery’s IPO is the talk of the town. It’s subscribed a whopping 12.60 times, with QIBs, NIIs, and retail investors diving in like it’s a Black Friday sale. The stock market is buzzing, and the issue closes tomorrow. Will it be the next big thing? 

The rupee plays roulette, dancing around 83.34 per dollar versus the previous close of 83.32. mark. With the currency market keeping a close eye on global cues.

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RBI’s capital buffet for banks and NBFIs

Fitch Ratings predicts that the Reserve Bank of India’s recent steps, compelling banks and non-bank financial institutions to set aside more capital for unsecured consumer credit, will put a damper on loan growth in that segment. 

The move aims to curb the growing appetite for such lending, preserving the stability of the financial system.

Closing thoughts

The stock market had a casual Thursday, with some stocks having a victory and others taking a minor tumble. As we wrap up the day, all eyes are on Gandhar Oil Refinery’s IPO finale, Cipla’s FDA chronicles, and the impact of RBI’s capital mandate. 

The market is like a suspenseful drama, and we can’t wait to see what unfolds in the next episode. Until then, happy trading!

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