Hatsun Agro Product

Hatsun Agro Product


 ₹ 1,006.70
 ₹ 4.35

Hatsun Agro Product  
Market Sentiment


Hatsun Agro Product  

Peer Avg.-0.28%-1.23%0.51%
*Avg of index constituents

Hatsun Agro Product  

Peer Avg.88.288.2216.9313.8616.520.70
*Avg of index constituents

Hatsun Agro Product  
Key Metrics

MetricsSales GrowthProfit GrowthROEROCE
FY '21-2214.76%-9.26%23.3115.99
FY '20-214.58%143.68%28.4122.58
FY '19-2011.51%-2.24%13.1413.33

Hatsun Agro Product  
Shareholding Pattern

Promoters : 74.26%
FII : 4.25%
DII : 6.67%
Public : 14.81%
Others : 0.01%

Hatsun Agro Product  
Profit & Loss

FY '21-226,370.365,649.05731.13248.25
FY '20-215,551.264,749.33807.69273.58
FY '19-205,308.334,758.26558.73112.27
All values are in crores

Hatsun Agro Product Share Price

Hatsun Agro Product Limited is an Indian company engaged in the processing and distribution of milk, dairy products and ice cream. The company operates through the milk and milk products segment. The company manufactures and markets products suitable for both cooking and consumption, such as milk, curd, ice creams, milk whitener, skimmed milk powder, ghee, paneer and others. Its brands include Arun Icecreams, Arokya Milk, Ibaco, HAP daily, Ibaco and Santosa. Arun Ice creams offers bars, cups, Ibar, Ibar mini, icons, specialties and tubs. Arokya offers standardized milk, whole milk, tinted milk, two colored milk, curd and paneer. Hatsun offers cooking and cooking butter, ghee, curd, yogurt, milk drink, milk whitener, skimmed milk powder and other products. HAP Daily includes brands like Arokya, Hatsun and Arun Ice Creams. Ibaco offers ice creams, ice creams, yogurt shakes, etc. Santosa offers Calf Starter Pellet, Bypass Pellet, Santosa XL Pellet and others.

Hatsun Agro Product FAQs

How to Buy Hatsun Agro Product Share?

To purchase Hatsun Agro Product shares, you can open a Demat & Trading account through a broker or financial institution. Once your account is set up and funded, search for Hatsun Agro Product (ticker symbol: hatsun) on the trading platform provided by your broker and purchase the shares.

What's Hatsun Agro Product share price today?

The stock price of Hatsun Agro Product as of 24 May 2024 is ₹1,006.70

What is the Market Cap of Hatsun Agro Product?

Market capitalisation represents the total market value of a company's outstanding shares. As of 24 May 2024, Hatsun Agro Product (ticker symbol: hatsun) has a market capitalisation of approximately ₹0.00

What is the PE and PB ratio of Hatsun Agro Product?

Hatsun Agro Product Ltd's price-to-book ratio as of 24 May 2024 is 20.835764, reflecting the market's valuation compared to its asset value. As of 24 May 2024, the trailing twelve months P/E (price-to-earnings) ratio is 91.355934, indicating the market values the company at around ₹91.36 for every ₹1 of earnings

What is the 52 Week High and Low of Hatsun Agro Product Share?

Hatsun Agro Product Ltd (hatsun) hit its 52-week high at ₹1,232.95, and its 52-week low at { ₹870.00}.
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